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Recruitment of Helpers for Lunar New Year Fair 2019

allez lien

31HKJSEA 收 ninsiu helper啦~~

今年HKJSEA會一如以往咁喺維園年宵度擺檔! 依家有個黃金機會比你可以嚟一齊幫我地搞好個年宵!! 如果你想識下一班好熱血 會吾怕羞大叫sell products嘅好夥伴!又或者係可以犠牲下你自己把靚聲大叫下!呢個正正係一個大好平台比你!!


WE NEED YOU! HKJSEA will participate in this year’s Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria’s Park. If you are free and interested in helping out our booth, here’s an opportunity for you to participate! Of course it won’t be for nothing! Although administrative fee will be charged, not only will you expand your social circle from peddling in the fair, but also to indulge in the new year breeze, even getting that extra pocket money you need for 2019! 
If interested, the early deadline will be on 20th December with $100 administrative fee. The final deadline will be on 24th December with $120 administrative fee. Friendly reminder! Every applicant must choose at least 5 timeslots to be on duty throughout the whole event. Please be sure you’d be available on those days so we can allocate you time slots more efficiently.