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Formation of the 25th Executive Committee Board

  • We are pleased to announce the official formation of the 25th Executive Committee of the HKJSEA:

  • Position Name School
    Chairperson CHING, Andus St. Paul's College
    Vice-Chairperson (Internal) CHIU, Yody St. Mary's Canossian College
    Vice-Chairperson (External) LAW, Flora Diocesan Girls' School
    General Secretary HUNG, Ling Tze Sacred Heart Canossian College
    External Secretary CHOW, Elise Maryknoll Convent School
    Financial Secretary CHAN, Tiffany Diocesan Girls' School
    I.T. Secretary MOK, Joyce Good Hope School
    Academic Secretary NG, Benedict Wah Yan College, Kowloon
    Human Resources Officer LAW, Dexter Wah Yah College, Kowloon
    Public Relations Officer KONG, Yuki Diocesan Girls' School
    Marketing Officer HUNG, Ernest La Salle College
  • We wish to congratulate the new executive committee members, and to express our greatest gratitude to all applicants for their enthusiastic participation. We have no doubt that the HKJSEA will be a great success once again in the coming year.
  • Scarlett Ho
    24th Executive Committee Board
    Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association