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HKJSEA Sub-Committee Orientation Day 2011

  • Since HKJSEA has always been another home to our committee members, we have taken the very first step to maintain this beauty of our Association. With our yearly theme “Unite. Explore. Commit”, we had taken the initiative to hold the Sub-Committee Orientation Day 2011 in order to create a better bonding and develop a closer relationship among committee members.
  • The O-day was slightly longer than the previous year. We gathered at 10am at Diocesan Boys’ School. In no time, we kick started the day with a series of ice-breaking games through which our committees learned more about one another. After that was the city tracing. The challenging task at each spot tested the teamwork of every participating group but at the same time enhanced their cooperation skills. Lastly, we played a series of mass game and the O-day finally ended with a prize presentation and department meeting.

  • It was our greatest pleasure to meet with our new family members and to provide them with a new zone to explore themselves and enlarge their social circle. Though it was an exhausting day, the O-day was undoubtedly successful. Through the seamless cooperation between the Executive committee and the Sub-Committee members, I am sure the coming year will mark a new colourful page in the HKJSEA history.
  • Scarlett Ho
    24th Executive Committee Board
    Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association