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Sub-Committee Orientation Day 2010

  • When talking about the key contributing factors to a successful teamwork, it undoubtedly goes to interactions and co-operations. This is why the HKJSEA took the initiative to hold the Sub-Committee Orientation Day 2010 on the 27th of November. With our aim to promote co=operations between individual students and between schools. We have facilitated this event as to strengthen the communication networks and interpersonal relationship between all participants.
  • The O-day began in the morning in the school campus of Diocesan Boys' School. The Sub-Committee members gathered in the Special Room 6 where they were briefed, followed by a series of Ice Breaking Games. After that was a group game on the track before the set of station games began. The station games were of the most diverse categories well designed to test the teamwork of the participating groups. The last game was an Expo while Sub-Committee members were required to build a presentable and practical “city” with the very limited resources provided. The Orientation Day officially ended with a department meeting.
  • This event provided the participants with a platform to communicate and form bonds with their fellows. Throughout the exhausting and competitive activities, the members have doubtlessly understood more about their colleagues, and this is the foundation of a successful Association where everyone will be grateful to work with each other and co-operate with one another.