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HKJSEA Annual General Meeting 2010

  • The 23rd Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association Annual General Meeting was successfully held on 21-11-2010 in the Integrated Humanity Centre, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. We are pleased to have the attendance of representatives from the Joint School Volunteer's Association and the Joint School Electronics and Computer Society. Hereby, we would like to deliver our fullest gratitude to all the guests and those who took part in the event.
  • The meeting started off with formal speeches from the 17th HKJSEA Acting Chairperson, Mr. Terence Chan and the 18th HKJSEA Human Resources Officer, Mr. Matthew Au. Right after their inspiring speeches would be the enlightening sharing given by our Honorary Adviser, Mr. Daniel Yu and an overview of last year's events by Mr. Jason Leung, the 22nd HKJSEA Chairperson. Closely after their oratories, the Chairperson of the new 23rd HKJSEA, Ms. Abbey Fong previewed his aims and goals for the Association. Mr. Haley So, the External Vice Chairperson, as well as Mr. Holmes Chan, the Internal Vice Chairperson, explained the year plan in minute details and expressed their eagerness of members' participation.
  • Besides the year plan, the 23rd Executive Committee members went onstage and were introduced one by one. The audience were kind enough to expressed their support by giving the newly inaugurated excos a big hand. As a symbol of the transfer of the HKJSEA from the 22nd Executive Committee to the 23rd Executive Committee, Mr. Jason Leung handed over the Official Chop of the Associaion to Ms, Abbey Fong, which in meantime granted the inauguration with a perfect finale.
  • The success of this meeting is exceptionally encouraging as to path us the way towards another fruitful year of the Association.
  • Lastly, the Association will barely succeed without your participation. Please do not hesitate to join us by signing up to be a member of the Association to share the joy with us in the forthcoming year.