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Annual Talk 2010

  • What does economics mean to you? Is it merely an academic subject you encounter at school with all those theories and laws? Well, economics is actually an interesting social discipline that happens around all of us during everyday lives. It can be used to explain common social phenomenon, but not only focus on monetary terms.
  • For our annual talk this year, we are very honoured to invite a very distinguished guest as our speaker. Being one of the most renowned economic professors in today’s cutting-edge development, Professor Francis T. Lui of HKUST has been keen on conducting research within economic discipline, while maintaining his influence and active participation on social issues and educational reform.
  • With the advent of the New Senior Secondary curriculum, we are stepping on a major transition platform. In view of this, the Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association hopes to lead the active role of facilitating these educational opportunities for the NSS students. Thereby, with the objective of raising youngster’s awareness on local, as well as global economic field, we annually organize a talk which bears relevance to the secondary school curriculum as set by the Education Bureau.
  • We are sure that this talk would be of utmost benefits to all participants, and a precious opportunity for diverse students of similar interests to gather together and share their views. We hope that it would not only be a discrete seminar, but a platform for students coming from different schools to come together.
  • Details of the talk are as follows:
    Date: 25th April 2010 (Sunday)
    Time: 3:00-4:30 pm
    Venue: Hang Sang School of Commerce (Lecture Theatre)
    Guest Speaker: Prof. Francis T. Lui (雷鼎鳴教授)
    Topic: Economic Growth & Development - Equity & Efficiency
    Admission Fee: Free-of-charge