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HKJSEA Annual General Meeting 2009

  • The HKJSEA Annual General Meeting 2009 was hosted on the 19th of December, 2009, in the Hang Seng School of Commerce. Being an event of symbolic and functional importance, the AGM was intended to introduce the 22nd Executive Committee members and to overview our plan for the forthcoming year.
  • After the congregation of Sub-Committee members, individual members and guests assembled in the Lecture Hall of the campus, the meeting kicked off with formal speeches from chairpersons of the previous Executive Committees. This included Mr. Terence Chan, Acting Chairperson of the 18th HKJSEA, and Ms. Tracy Lee, Chairperson of the 21st HKJSEA. After their inspiring oratories, the Chairperson of the new 22nd HKJSEA, Mr. Jason Leung, also previewed his aims and goals for the Association. Ms. Peggy Tse, the Internal Vice-Chairperson, as well as Ms. Chow Ying Kiu, the External Vice-Chairperson, explored the year plan in detail and provided their insight on the direction of the latest ventures of our Association.
  • Besides the year plan, the 22nd Executive Committee members also went onstage and were introduced one by one, and the audience showed their support by offering the newly inaugurated excos their greatest applause. To symbolize the transfer of the HKJSEA from the 21st Executive Committee to the 22nd Executive Committee, Ms. Tracy Lee handed over the Official Chop of the Association to Mr. Jason Leung, which brought completion to the inauguration of the 22nd HKJSEA.
  • As the event drew to a close, refreshments and beverages are provided to the participants, an experience which grew into an enjoyable discussion and animated small talk. The Sub-Committee members had the opportunity to share their feedback and ideas with the past excos and to be acquainted with their fellow colleagues. After taking a considerable number of lively photos, the participants finally concluded the AGM, which marks the first steps of the 22nd Executive Committee of the HKJSEA this year.