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HKJSEA Sub-committee Orientation Day 2009

  • Initiative, inventiveness, and interaction have always been the major contributing factors to successful teamwork; this is the reason why the HKJSEA took the lead by facilitating the Sub-Committee Orientation Day 2009 on the 20th of December. With our firm belief in cooperation between individual students and between schools, we have launched this event with a view to strengthening communication networks and interpersonal friendships between all participants involved.
  • The activities began at 1 in the afternoon in the campus of Diocesan Boys School. The Sub-Committee members gathered in the Lecture Hall for a briefing session, followed by a series of Ice Breaking Games. After a short break, the Orientation Day resumed with a set of station games, games of the most diverse categories designed to test the teamwork of the groups. The results of the station games were used to calculate the amount of resources that each team will get for the final game, a race hosted on the very racetrack of the School’s sports ground. As the exhilarating race came to its conclusion, the Orientation Day officially ends with a prize presentation ceremony and the final department discussions.
  • This event made every one of the participants come out of their comfort zones to develop a bonding with new friends and new social circles. Throughout the exhausting games and activities, the Sub-Committee members have undoubtedly learnt more about their colleagues, and it is the hope of the executive committee that this experience will help their efforts in the near future.