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About Us - Introduction

    • Introduction

  • The Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association (HKJSEA) was founded in 1987 by a group of enthusiastic students. Until 1990, the Association was officially registered with the government as an independent students' association and eventually developed a more mature structure.
  • The Association is non-profit making and academic-oriented. It aims at:
    • stimulating students' interest in this subject matter of socio-economic and political systems;
    • arousing their concern over public affairs;
    • promoting friendship and cooperation among all the member schools.
  • The qualifications and privileges of members are as follows:
    • Membership is opened to all S3 - S6 students of any secondary school.
  • Members can participate in all Association functions.
    Discounts will be offered to our members in particular functions. The Association's source of finance comes from the credit balance on the annual fund-raising campaign and all the donations from other outside bodies, and the finance is solely used on funding the activities of the Association.
  • Our activities are mainly classified into two categories: internal and external activities. Camp and Ball will be carried out annually to raise fund for our Association to subsidize the expenses of the other functions. Each year around December, we will hold an election for the new Sub-Committees. Their responsibilities are to facilitate the jobs of our Ex-co members in order to make the association running in an efficient way.
  • All the functions and activities of the Association are governed by the "Constitution" of our Association, which is approved by the Societies Office of the Hong Kong Police Force. To continue the traditions and functions held in the past years, the enthusiastic support of members is indispensable.
  • Our postal address: Mongkok P.O. Box 79736, Hong Kong.