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About Us - Honorary Advisors

Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association has five Honorary Advisors as follows:

Prof. Steven N.S. Cheung 張五常教授

Professor Cheung is a respectful economist whose name has been known worldwide. He specialises in new institutional economy and property rights. He taught at the University of Hong Kong for over 15 years and was the Director of The School of Economics and Finance. He got his doctoral degree at the University of California in the United States. He was once elected as the president of the Western Economic Association.

His doctoral thesis,"The Theory of Share Tenancy: With Special Application to Asian Agriculture and the First Phase of Taiwan Land Reform", written in 1969 has brought significant influence to the community of economists. Professor Cheung further developed his theories in the field of transaction cost and property rights in his later essays such as "The Contractual Nature of the Firm" and "The Structure of a Contract and the Theory of a Non-exclusive Resource". In 1991, he was the only economist invited to attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony even though he was not a Nobel Prize winner.

Prof. Francis T. Lui 雷鼎鳴教授

Professor Lui is the Director of Center for Economic Development at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is a leading figure in Hong Kong in the field of Economics. His research interests include Hong Kong's and Chinese economies, macroeconomics and social security. He has been the advisor of a number of governmental departments, political and educational organisations and private business firms.

Dr Lam Pun Lee 林本利博士

Dr Lam is a lecturer in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a member of the Energy Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong government. He is the author of an A-Level Economics textbook. He is an influential economist whose essays can always be read in different newspapers and magazines.

Mr Daniel Yu 余洪盛先生

Mr Yu was a founding member of HKJSEA and has been an Economics teacher in secondary schools for many years. He is now giving tutorials for Economics students. He is also an author of HKCEE Economics reference books. Over the years, he has published Economics mock examination papers and successfully predicted the examination trend.

Mr Hester Chow 周育霆先生

Mr Chow is a lecturer in the Hong Kong Community College under the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr Chow received his Master of Arts in Operations and Supply Chain Management with Distinction from the City University of Hong Kong. He was actively engaged with HKJSEA during his secondary school days. He is currently a doctoral student in education. He teaches subjects in the areas of marketing, trade and logistics.