Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association

About HKjSEA 


The Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association (HKJSEA) was founded in 1987 by a group of enthusiastic students. Until 1990, the Association is officially registered with the government as an independent students' association and eventually developed a more mature structure.


The Association is a student-based and academic-oriented. It aims at:

  • stimulating students' interest in this subject matter of socio-economic and political systems; 
  • arousing their concern over public affairs; 
  • promoting friendship and cooperation among all the member schools. 


Each year, an election will be held to elect the new executive committee as well as the subsidiary committee They shall all work together in order to make the Association run in a promising way.


All the functions and activities of the Association are governed by the ‘Constitution’ of the Association, which is approved by the Societies Office of the Hong Kong Police Force. To continue the tradition held in the past years, the enthusiastic support of members is imperative.